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Plate as a Fashion Statement?

Alternative Title:  This Season’s look: Deadly Slut or  “Skull Shoulderpads? That’s so Tier 3. What a knockoff!”

Anyone who has played WoW for any time at all probably has a female friend that plays a plate or mail class. One thing the “non-clothie” tank, DPS and healing ladies agree nearly unanimously on is how very non-protective the armor is to all their curvy lady parts. The casters and healers just complain that they look like streetwalkers.

And I get it,  I really do. I remember level 25ish mail belly shirts and how I grumbled that some orc was going to give me a second navel if I didn’t cover up. Even now, I’d be incensed if my epic plate left me that exposed. 

Before starting this blog, I scoured friends’ blogrolls trying to find other DPS warriors to tell me how to kill better. Among the hundreds of Protection Warrior Tank Blogs, I was pleased to find a very informative post from Pixelated Executioner. Written by an Arms Warrior, the author intelligently walks us through the gear Lelissa’s currently wearing and does a great job of explaining the Stat advantages of each piece; simultaneously not complaining about the mish-mash of colors and fashions from her epic prêt-à-porter.

What? A guy isn’t allowed to know French Fashion terms and be a beastly Execute Spammer?  Oh, you are in for some surprises, friends!


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