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Hit Cap less than orginally thought?

eight WoW players frequent Elitistjerks.com, a forum that has quickly become a pseudo-Mecca for WoW Theorycrafters. Pages of arguments have been made on every topic imaginable; DPS, healing, tanking, professions, everything mathy in WoW is up for debate. In fact, some raiders take anything on “EJ” as gospel simply because of the source.
The topic de jour amongst the physical DPS folks is a possibility that the hit cap may be lower than originally thought. Tests by several individuals, a majority of them hunters, have run tests on Patchwerk, Heroic Dummies in town, etc.  They show zero or few misses with ranged and melee weapons with just 8.02% additional chance to hit. Results with 7.89% chance to hit show 1 or 2 misses over a thousand shots. Continue reading


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From Twitter: Hit Caps? [Updatedx1]

Questions from Twitter is intended to be a regular Monday Update. If you’d like a question answered post it @weryl on Twitter!

twitter_icons_128  Reader Veneratio, host of Tankingtips.com, wrote in to ask:
“What are the hit and expertise caps for an Arms Warrior?”

 Thanks for our first question, Veneratio!  I suspect you know a little about what you’re asking, since your recent post on effective hit for Tanks was very well written.

The numbers are very similar on hit for both Arms warriors and our Protection brethren, but expertise has a few nuances we have to consider, i.e. positioning and overpower. That will take me a little more time so I’ll have to cover it next week, but let me start with Hit.

TLDR Version:  At level 80, 295 Hit Rating is the accepted* cap to reduce misses for special attacks and single-weapon auto-attacks, without the Draenai’s Heroic Presence.  With a space goat in your party (or if you are one), 263 is all you’ll need. (I always round up.)

*Edit: Some theorycrafters are finding results closer to 8% in tests in-game. I’m keeping an eye on this and planning to discuss it later this week. Read on for what is Known. I’ll edit it if the results turn out to be 8%.

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