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Sudden Death Nerf is live. Response: /facepalm

  Sudden Death: The amount of rage spent on an Execute while Sudden Death is active is now capped at 30 rage. Improved Execute and the Glyph of Execution will still increase the damage done by increasing the amount of rage able to be converted into damage.

Patch 3.0.8 went live yesterday and with it came the “nerf” to Sudden Death. 

Prior to the patch, an Arms Warrior with 3/3 Sudden Death had a 9% chance on each melee hit for the Execute Button to light up regardless of the Target’s health. When we mashed the Execute button, it would dump all of our available rage, less the cost of Execute, into damage, resulting in REALLY BIG (10-23k!) hits… and an empty-ish Rage Bar. 10 or so rage left over if Execute doesn’t Crit means I refresh Rend and wait for the next swing to get rage back.

To summarize, the old Sudden Death meant that I was often a little rage starved if it didn’t crit, but was my fourth or fifth highest source of damage. It made Thaddius and fights like him a lot of fun and I rolled the DPS charts for my guild on single-target fights without a ton of movement. (I was commonly 2nd or 3rd on thaddius and patchwerk.)

As of today, it goes more like:
*Bam*. Execute lights up, mash button, 30-ish rage disappears, 2k-4k dmg from Execute. Within the span of a Global Cooldown (GCD), a rend or DoT ticks on you or the boss and the Rage bar is still full.  Another melee swing happens and the generated rage from that swing is wasted because I’m still full on rage. I immediately Overpower or Mortal Strike for MORE damage than the Sudden Death Execute.

I got to the point that I rarely even executed above 20% on anything because a Heroic Strike, Mortal Strike, Overpower and Slam were all hitting harder. Mortal Strike was the only thing denting my Rage bar enough that Rage wasn’t being wasted. Worse, when Sudden Death lit up when the mob was BELOW 20%, Execute was only hitting for 30 rage! Continue reading



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