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Closed for Business.

In cae the lack of updates didn’t clue y’all in, Real Life got in the way.

Due to some insane Career Pressures, the general bumpiness of the Construction industry, severe Raiding burnout, a death in the family, budget issues, etc. my wife and I have quit WoW indefinitely.

Have fun in Ulduar and Icecrown, folks. Be sure to check the BlogRoll for other great people that you should read.



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DPS Plate in Top 100 WordPress Blogs for February 13th!

Number 91 for one day, suckas!  I even beat out Stuff White People Like.

Total hits for the 11th and 12th: 21,083.  Thanks for reading. It’s good encouragement to keep writing it. 🙂


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Welcome WoWInsider Readers!

39 - 18 - 5 - 7 - 44 - 287 - 9,916 - 8,943 hits

39 - 18 - 5 - 7 - 44 - 287 - 9,916 - 8,943 hits

Thanks to Matt Rossi for linking my 10 Commandments Post; I’m getting hits like crazy.

Please, leave comments, find me on Twitter or shoot me email about what kind of articles you want to read or questions you have! I’m always drawing a blank when thinking up topics.

Also, visit the team over at Big Hit Box for a up-and-coming all-Melee DPS blog. I joined the crew this week and we have lots of great things planned over there!



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Breaking News: GC confirms changes coming for melee DPS

  As far as melee dps goes, we think rogues, cats and Arms warriors are all a little low. We haven’t announced specific changes yet but they are coming. – Ghostcrawler, 02/03/2009 09:04:04 AM PST

All I have to say is “WOOT.” After the Sudden Death nerf, I was wondering if they were going to do something to ratchet our overall DPS up a bit.

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