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Ten Commandments for All DPS

Also posted to the Big Hit Box here.

These are the very most basic rules that you, as a WoW Player operating in Melee range, should follow. Several apply to the lesser classes, but you, oh dealer of the Smashy, Smashy, shall embrace them all.

I. Do not die. Even if you can Ankh. Using your death as an aggro wipe is an abomination.

II. Do not cause your raidmates to die. In this way, do not allow the healers or wearers-of-cloth to become squished by Lesser Nasties should the Tank ignore them. Your weapon shall be your weapon, but CC shall be your shield in a time of trouble.

III. Do not overtax your healers by taking undue raid damage. In this spirit, do not stand in front of the Big Nasty, nor should you stand in any nastiness the Big Nasty has strewn on the floor.

IV. Focus your Fire by assisting and following the kill order. ALWAYS.

V. Use your trinkets and cooldowns wisely. When in doubt, early and often. If your raid leader orders you to pop your trinkets and they are on cooldown, smile for you have done well.

VI. If the strategy calls for you to interrupt spell-casting by the Big Nasty, do so. The loss of dps is insignificant compared to violating the First, Second, or Third commandments.

VII. If you have a buff to share with melee, use it. This includes debuffs to the Big Nasty and anything that mitigates damage on the Tank. Though he is unintelligent and stands in front of the Big Nasty and probably smells a little funny, he is your melee brethren.

VIII. Do not show up to raid unprepared. Read the strategies, bring consumables, and have your items enchanted. Listen to your raid leader and class leader. Bring an offering of gold for repairs and pay it to Murphy willingly.

IX. Know what items and statistics will improve you and in what ratios. Do not stand around a dead Big Nasty and debate if his loot is good for you. This too is a violation of the Eighth commandment.

X. Do not covet your neighbor’s Recount. Do not violate the above commandments in an attempt to increase your dps at cost to the raid. This is a violation of the spirit of the law, which is teamwork.

*With my apologies to God if I have profaned His Scriptures. Oh, and Charlton Heston, who I did not recognise as a complete Bad Ass until he was dead.



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Welcome to the Neighborhood, BigHitBox!

@Stoneybaby, an enterprising enhancement shaman, has conscripted a rogue and ret pally to create, a blog for all melee classes. Welcome, y’all!

So far they only have one article on warriors, but I’ll see if I can’t talk someone into getting us some equal representation. 😉

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Well Played!: “DPS Matters”

Work has been crazy this week, so I haven’t had the time to finish, edit, or proof the copy in my draft for today’s post. Links and picture still undone. Instead, I’m going to give you a link to a well-written post by Kadomi of Tank Like A Girl.

In DPS Matters, Kadomi insists that getting the boss down by the skin of your teeth doesn’t mean you should stop improving yourself.  Far too often I’ve seen the lowest dps on a good raid’s damage meters grow too confident that they are great DPS based on the <Uber Guild Tag> over their head, not based on their performance.

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Hit Cap less than orginally thought?

eight WoW players frequent, a forum that has quickly become a pseudo-Mecca for WoW Theorycrafters. Pages of arguments have been made on every topic imaginable; DPS, healing, tanking, professions, everything mathy in WoW is up for debate. In fact, some raiders take anything on “EJ” as gospel simply because of the source.
The topic de jour amongst the physical DPS folks is a possibility that the hit cap may be lower than originally thought. Tests by several individuals, a majority of them hunters, have run tests on Patchwerk, Heroic Dummies in town, etc.  They show zero or few misses with ranged and melee weapons with just 8.02% additional chance to hit. Results with 7.89% chance to hit show 1 or 2 misses over a thousand shots. Continue reading

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LFM: Contributors, Need DK & Guest Writers at BigHitBox (Updated)

UPDATE: I’ve joined the crew at Big Hit Box ( We’re an all melee blog and still need a talented DK and Druid blogger! Guest posters of other types are very welcome, so find us on Twitter or drop one of us a line!

While my very first character at release was a paladin that I levelled to 54, he’s sat shelved for 3 years after my old, old, old guild disbanded over wiping in UBRS repeatedly. (I subsequently played a rogue through the rest of Vanilla WoW.)

My Death Knight, Bartowski, is still level 58.
I’m ok at Fury, but my DPS and damage are better as Arms.  Unless I go crazy and level a mage or my guild suddenly loses four tanks,
I’m primarily an Arms Warrior.

This means I could really use someone else to contribute with witty musings about how to bubble-hearth pwn faces as a retribution paladin or as an undead, OP cheater max-level Death Knight.

If you’re interested, feel free to find me on Twitter, leave a comment, or email me!

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Welcome! is a resource for World of Warcraft players with characters that are capable of wearing plate armor.
Eventually, I hope to expand to discussion of Arms and Fury warriors, Death Knights and Paladins with a PvP and PvE damage focus.

More to come soon as I try to ramp this experiment up. Consider this like a store’s “soft opening.”  Hopefully a Grand Opening will be up soon.

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