PvE Arms is *not* for Dummies. (or Why I haven’t written a “How-To-Arms” post yet.)

PvE Arms is not for Dummies.  It’s for the obstinate.  That’s a fifty-cent word for stubborn as a mule.

I say this because the Arms rotation isn’t as intuitive as Fury. With Arms, you can’t follow one rotation ad naseum (1-1-1-2-3, etc.)  It takes a bit to learn. I’m still learning.
Fury shows more damage on Recount because Arms has more Raid Utility and Arms is in need of buffs. (The Devs even agree.) To eek out enough damage to justify your spot in a competitve raid, you may have to work as hard as a good Warrior Tank. But me telling you that you’re going to work your arse off doesn’t teach you how.

With that in mind, I’m going to start working on a Basics of Arms DPS series, but here are some resources that I use to work things out. Use them. Chec my math. Help me help y’all. My warrior is a little more than a year old and I’ve been Arms for about three months. I don’t claim to be infallible like certain elitist jerks often claim.

  • Advice
    • TankSpot’s DPS Forum – lots of smelly tanks, but some good damage dealers here too.
    • Twitter – Ask me questions, or ask Veneretio, Lakland, or dozens of the “twitterati”
  • Gear
    • LootRank for PvE Warriors – MaxDPS.com will leave you with 11 stamina and an over expertised corpse. Use lootrank. change numbers as you see fit.
    • WoW Gem Finder – Helps you figure out what will fit ina slot if you need something to activate a meta. Else, +str or +crit if you’re hit capped.
  • WoWwikki.com – When in doubt about mechanics, look it up!
  • Commandments of DPS – yes, it’s my article, but I wrote a lot of condensed truth into it for a reason.

Feel free to leave other resources in the comments. What all should I cover? I thought I’d start with a quick article on Specs, then one on Rotation and I’d work from there.



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5 responses to “PvE Arms is *not* for Dummies. (or Why I haven’t written a “How-To-Arms” post yet.)

  1. Hey! I’m not an elitist jerk!

    Oh, you didn’t mean me.

    It’s true, though – I actually tried a Fury build, and it lasted all of ten minutes: officially the most boring spec I’ve ever played. I felt like I was waiting around for cooldowns.

    I’ve been trying to get a few posts going about “how to be an Arms Warrior” myself, and I came to the realization that there really isn’t a “one and only” way. Everybody’s rotation is going to be a little different, and it’s through trial and error that you can make it perfect.

    Those are the kinds of specs I like to play, and that’s why I’m still Arms.

  2. Lewis

    Hey, I’m not smelly! Much.

    I’m looking forward to reading up on Arms specs, though. Even though I’m 15/5/51 Deep Wounds Prot-to-the-bone and just LOVE post-3.0 Prot, come 3.1 and dual specs, I expect I’ll pick up Arms as a secondary spec for raid utility. We’re running with four tanks in our 25-man group right now and I tank the least of the four, so I would probably be the one most often jumping into a DPS/bleedbot role.

  3. Warrek

    I’ve played as an Arms spec from day one (Yeah I’m into virtual S&M). To me it feels exactly the way a real warrior would fight. A How-To Guide would be fun. A lot of the mechanics and rotations are repeated, but it really depends on the situ, should be an interesting guide.

    Good luck!

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  5. Justin

    I only wish that they had never taken the swing reset off of slam….. it was so fun to time your slams. That was true skill imo.