Talents: Wrecking Crew vs. Enrage


Confession: Like so many warriors, I didn’t do my homework when I first went to Arms from Protection. In a rush to spec DPS for our first 25-man Naxxramas attempt, I picked talents that seemed good but was lost on how to spend my last six points. With a shrug, I put two in each of three talents, didn’t change my glyphs, and started beating on things with a De-Raged Waraxe. Then I cackled in glee. It was fun!

I was oblivious, delirious, and wasting talent points on Enrage with this 54/17/0 build.

A Story of Two Houses (aka Talent Trees) & One Proc Effect

In Deep, Deep Arms resides a talent named Wrecking Crew. When your melee attacks crit, this talent procs a buff that increases your damage by 2-10%.  It’s Very Nice!™

Not so deep, deep in Fury is a talent named Enrage. Enrage’s effect gives you a 30% chance to gain a 2-10% damage bonus when hurt by attacks. This seems nice until we realize that they proc the same effect and therefore do not stack, but rather renew each other.

Being enraged has a few benefits:

  1. It enables Enraged Regeneration. If you’re a DPS Warrior and you aren’t popping ER during healing-intensive bosses to help your healers, you ain’t doing your job. Period.
  2. 10% more Damage for 12 Seconds. It’s awesome. Did I even have to list it?
  3. It makes the Tiki Mask of Doom animation. It’s a scientific fact that Heigan the Unclean is 83% more likely to shart when the Tiki Mask pops. It’s true. (Ok, it’s not. 83% is totally made up.)
  4. 10% more Damage for 12 seconds. Yes, I guess I did have to list it. Twice.

Which Should I Take?

When I was new to Arms and in blue and green gear, I had an 18-21% crit chance or so. Wrecking Crew didn’t proc on much other than Overpower because I wasn’t critting often and then really only due to Improved Overpower. Raid damage like the lightning bolts from Thaddius or the Shadow Bolts and Rain of Fire from Faerlina or even the poorly placed acid rings on Grobbulus help me keep my Enrage up.

Now that I’m sporting ilvl 200-226 epics, I approach 50% Crit chance fully raid-buffed and Wrecking Crew has me almost constantly Enraged. Proccing Enrage off of the occasional raid damage rather than a Crit Strike is so situational that you could be much better served putting those points into a Howl, Shout or perhaps Improved Bloodrage. (As always, Your Mileage May Vary. PST if it does!)
If you’re moving all the way to Bladestorm in your build (and I highly reccomend it!), you’re likely going to grab 5/5 in Wrecking Crew. Unless your Crit Rate is through the floor, skip Enrage. I think you’ll see better returns picking up other talents. 


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