Hit Cap less than orginally thought?

eight WoW players frequent Elitistjerks.com, a forum that has quickly become a pseudo-Mecca for WoW Theorycrafters. Pages of arguments have been made on every topic imaginable; DPS, healing, tanking, professions, everything mathy in WoW is up for debate. In fact, some raiders take anything on “EJ” as gospel simply because of the source.
The topic de jour amongst the physical DPS folks is a possibility that the hit cap may be lower than originally thought. Tests by several individuals, a majority of them hunters, have run tests on Patchwerk, Heroic Dummies in town, etc.  They show zero or few misses with ranged and melee weapons with just 8.02% additional chance to hit. Results with 7.89% chance to hit show 1 or 2 misses over a thousand shots.

However, Blue posters (ie. Blizzard employees) on the offical WoW forums still quote 9% as the required hit cap from stats and buffs to remove all chance to miss with specials vs. a lvl 83.

My opinion is that this is either:

  1. a bug that blizzard will fix when they discover the cause,  (put your money on this one)
  2. luck of the random number generator (unlikely) or
  3. intentional undocumented buff by Blizzard to make entry level raiding easier, (tin foil hat, party of one!)
  4. the math working differently than folks thought in the Burning Crusade.

Personally, I like option One for the likely culprit. I also am of the opinion that whether undocumented buff or spurious bug, Blizzard will fix it back to 9% at some point.

Currently, I’ve been running with 281 hit rating (8.569%), and scanning my addons looking for a miss ANYWHERE. Nothing yet, but if you want to run with 8% hit rating (263 hit rating), be my guest! (If you’re a Draenai, that’d reduce your cap to 230 for 8% total.)

Next, i’ll likely start replacing my cheaper hit gems with cheap crit or strength until I get closer to 8%, including the ubiquitous Draenai. When I see a miss on Recount, I’ll let you know. Please, let me know if you see any misses with max weapon skill and less than 9% hit.

If news comes out confirming the hit cap as lower, I’ll rewrite our post on the hit cap

P.S. Fury Warriors, Rogues and Enhance Shaman, this doesn’t really apply to you. you have 28% chance to miss so stack that hit rating anyway!


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