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twitter_icons_128  Reader Veneratio, host of, wrote in to ask:
“What are the hit and expertise caps for an Arms Warrior?”

 Thanks for our first question, Veneratio!  I suspect you know a little about what you’re asking, since your recent post on effective hit for Tanks was very well written.

The numbers are very similar on hit for both Arms warriors and our Protection brethren, but expertise has a few nuances we have to consider, i.e. positioning and overpower. That will take me a little more time so I’ll have to cover it next week, but let me start with Hit.

TLDR Version:  At level 80, 295 Hit Rating is the accepted* cap to reduce misses for special attacks and single-weapon auto-attacks, without the Draenai’s Heroic Presence.  With a space goat in your party (or if you are one), 263 is all you’ll need. (I always round up.)

*Edit: Some theorycrafters are finding results closer to 8% in tests in-game. I’m keeping an eye on this and planning to discuss it later this week. Read on for what is Known. I’ll edit it if the results turn out to be 8%.

The “Hit Cap”
A new warrior will immediately ask “What’s a “Hit Cap”? I r so lost. Can I have 20 gold?  pls pst!111″

When WoW players refer to a cap they mean the amount of a stat received from talents, buffs, and gear before stacking more of that stat returns little to no additional benefit or sometimes the amount needed to prevent something bad.

How to spot a Nerd, Image by

Not the Cap Im talking about.

Hit Rating works to reduce your chance to miss an enemy — be it a player, dragon, zombie or squirrel — by a small amount (.03%) for each point. For an in-depth discussion of Miss, see For now, take it on faith that a warrior with max (400) weapon skill has a moderate chance to miss an even level target (9%) with one weapon and a much higher chance when wielding two (~28%).

The number to remember is that you reduce your chance to miss by 1% for every 32.79 hit rating.  Rigid Autumn’s Glow (+16 HR) is roughly equivalent to .5% more chance to hit instead of miss.

“How Much +Hit do I Really need?”
If you’re Horde, the discussion is over. You need 295 rating to get 9%. You will not miss a boss as Arms.

If you’re Alliance, some will argue if you always have a Draenai for Heroic Presence, you can stack less hit.  The idea is that finding a Draenai is easier than hitting water by jumping out of a boat.

The problem is, I’ve ended up in 10-man Naxx or Sartharion where the shaman wants to run it on his Human Death Knight. The paladins were Dwarves or Humans. My wife plays a human priest. Oops, no Hit buff. Suddenly, the hunters and rogues that count on having a Draenai are whiffing with their Arcane Shots and Sinister Strikes like Tee-ballers with a 5 strikes rule. (Seriously, the little tikes miss a half dozen times with disturbing frequency.)

If I have 295 hit rating unbuffed and I get Heroic Presence, it’s not an issue. I’m still not going to miss.  You might consider that I’m “Speccing for Murphy.”  If I don’t have a draenai around, I’m still good to go (and a little smug that I was prepared.)  You want to run at 7 or 8% and eat the miss? Be my guest!

Now, Gear up, Go forth, and Do battle! (and don’t miss!)



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  2. A little late, but I only just found this site today. 😀 For any future readers…

    Elitist Jerks and my own testing confirms the cap at 8%.

    The new equation (according to WoWWiki) for determining your base miss chance for a boss is now (6 + ((Boss Defense Skill – Your Weapon Skill – 10)*.4)).