LFM: Contributors, Need DK & Guest Writers at BigHitBox (Updated)

UPDATE: I’ve joined the crew at Big Hit Box (http://www.bighitbox.com). We’re an all melee blog and still need a talented DK and Druid blogger! Guest posters of other types are very welcome, so find us on Twitter or drop one of us a line!

While my very first character at release was a paladin that I levelled to 54, he’s sat shelved for 3 years after my old, old, old guild disbanded over wiping in UBRS repeatedly. (I subsequently played a rogue through the rest of Vanilla WoW.)

My Death Knight, Bartowski, is still level 58.
I’m ok at Fury, but my DPS and damage are better as Arms. ¬†Unless I go crazy and level a mage or my guild suddenly loses four tanks,
I’m primarily an Arms Warrior.

This means I could really use someone else to contribute with witty musings about how to bubble-hearth pwn faces as a retribution paladin or as an undead, OP cheater max-level Death Knight.

If you’re interested, feel free to find me on Twitter, leave a comment, or email me!

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